Saturday, September 26, 2009

At Michael's birthday party in August we played a game where we had to read a nursery rhyme with an accient. Here are the videos that I took while we did it...they are HILARIOUS so take the time to watch!

Grandma trying to be latina!!

Granpa imitating and "old person"

I honestly can't remember what Uncle Joe was doing...maybe asian?

I busted out the opera on my turn

After living in Idaho, Tiana really had the "hick" accient down!!

Josh was hilarious!!!! Totally 1990's surfer. Love it!

My Dad was a little too femi for comfort...very funny though.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mrs. Nash's third grade clsas

Here is my wonderful third grade students. Our school has a theme, "We're going to College!" Here we are wearing out Portland Community College tshirts. I love it as this is the community college I started out at. It has been a high energy year. So many challenges, learning experiences, and joys. With the nations economic crisis, and Portland's ever growing unemployment and state budget woes the possibility of my not being employed next year is VERY real. I am trying to keep the faith, as I know the Lord has blessed my with the abilities and skills needed to be a great teacher.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Property damage in Sandy Oregon

Okay- I promised that I would get a picture up for you all to see some of the damage from December 2008's storm. This picture shows the worst damage (it is located on the furthest part of the loop drive-way.) The deepest part is probably 5 feet deep! Crazy! We probably won't repair it until summer. Since it has been said it did this over 7 years ago, our goal is to fix how storm water would travel down the hill...hopefully helping it reach the culvert, instead of going across our road.


This is our newest grandchild....three day old Nathan. He is already a calm, happy baby. Beautiful as well. How did I get to have 3 grandchildren already? I'm too young! Grandma Debbie

Sweet Alivia

This is sweet Alivia. She's our second grandchild, first grandaughther. She has a healthy head of hair and is absolutely beautiful. She loved by all. Our only regret is that she lives too far away.

Hobbes March 2009

This is our sweet Hobbes. He provides a lot of entertainment when he's around. He loves "Nina" (Christina), and "Poppa" (Grandpa Gary), Jake (the dog) and playing with the Duplos that Grandma got him to play with